SIX12 Racetech Suspension

Suspension built for every type of motocross bike.  From MX, SX or Enduro and Offroad, SIX12 Suspension offers it all.  A Florida Service Center for Racetech Suspension, the largest suspension company in the world, we offer all Racetech parts and install.  From years of focus only on the world of suspension, SIX12 offers only the best for each and every rider.  Each set of suspension is built custom for the rider, terrain, weight and ability.  A Florida Motocross Offroad Suspension company, located in Central FL.

2/25/16 Blog Post #1

I have decided to start a blog about suspension, daily work, up coming races, new set ups, setting sag, setting your bike up, springs, valving, etc.  

Today is February 25th, Thursday.  Headed to Dade City MX tonight for practice, where I have a couple shocks that need a rebuild, oil and bumpers.  I have been getting a lot of older (2000's) bikes in lately, that have never been touched!  Opening up a set of suspension that is old enough to drive turns into a very messy job quickly!  The oil is completely black and broken down of viscosity.  The seals, bushings and bumper are all usually shot from the hours of use.  The weather has been amazing lately, and this is when you usually see more of the weekend guys getting their bikes serviced because its time to ride!  

Heading to the Atlanta SX this weekend to watch the race.  I haven't been to the race since I was a mechanic for the BTO Sports/KTM team (Butler Brothers).  Atlanta has always been one of my favorite races because of the indoor pits!  Looking forward to sitting down with the WP guys and discuss the AER Fork that the BTO Team has been using.  This new fork will be on the KTM's next year.  It looks like a pretty good fork with the design, but its still hard to beat the spring twin chamber fork...