SIX12 Racetech Suspension

Suspension built for every type of motocross bike.  From MX, SX or Enduro and Offroad, SIX12 Suspension offers it all.  A Florida Service Center for Racetech Suspension, the largest suspension company in the world, we offer all Racetech parts and install.  From years of focus only on the world of suspension, SIX12 offers only the best for each and every rider.  Each set of suspension is built custom for the rider, terrain, weight and ability.  A Florida Motocross Offroad Suspension company, located in Central FL.


SIX12 Suspension uses all Race Tech HI-Performance Springs.  To find out exactly what Spring Rate you need based on bike, weight, riding ability and terrain, check out our Product Search


By clicking on the link, it will take you to the Racetech site.  Check to see what your bike needs, or give us a call!  

Fork Springs $115    Shock Spring $115

Fork Springs $115

Shock Spring $115

KTM Progressive Spring $160

KTM Progressive Spring $160

Pressure Springs $40

Pressure Springs $40